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My work is based on the desire to touch and to be touched – to study the environment and interact with it by touching: with hands, skin, sight.

The shapes of my works emerge through the analysis of human body, its movements and experiences based on the intercourse with the environment. Shapes also emerge while exploring natural forms, which often cannot be touched by hands. But gently swaying treetops can be touched with sight, or one can be touched by sounds:  trembling aspen leaves or wind gusts ruffling the pine needles. And looking downward, one can observe a slowly, slowly moving snail – of such strange, soft, slimy, boneless shape… Everything is so sensual!

The creation of this wooden family was inspired by documentaries about the inhabitants of the ocean depths and macro photographs that bring the smallest creatures to a particularly detailed and clear picture. Insensibly, I felt like in a completely different world. And there are endless numbers of those little worlds, living isolated lives. Each individual, who from the very childhood creates his or her world through a special relationship with the environment, is not an exception too. And this is what, in my opinion, leads to evolution of every living thing – the creation of its own world.

However, realizing that I cannot cover all of those other worlds, I really wanted to convey at least that strange joy of discovery when you see the inconceivable diversity of living forms, when you cannot understand whether this is a plant or an animal, when you don’t know where the head, the tail, the eyes are, but you feel strangely happy for the fact that it exists, and you, even though you belong to another world, still are a part of this world too.

The same unexpected joy arises to me while exploring the Lithuanian trees and comparing them to the other worlds trees, their characteristics and distinctiveness. This is why my works are made of different types of wood:  apple, oak, maple, rosewood, acacia, juniper, zebrano, mahogany, beech…