Artistic biography

Date of birth: 1986 10 23

Personal exhibitions

  • 2015 jewelry exhibition „Other worlds“.Gallery „ARgenTum“, Vilnius
  • 2013 jewelry exhibition „Particle“. Culture centre of Rumsiskes. Rumsiskes.
  • 2012 jewelry – photographic exhibition „Outer inner“. Gallery „ARgenTum“, Vilnius

Group Exhibition

  • 2014 Alytus 1st international young creators biennale „Arts impression“. PIEGARTA Alytus Culture and Communication Center, Alytus
  • 2014 authorial jewellery exhibition „Brooch for Mam“. Gallery „ARgenTum“ , Vilnius
  • 2013 Cultural Project „VISUAL ART ALYTUS 2013“ 2nd professional visual artists annual exhibition of art overview. Alytus City Theatre. Alytus.
  • 2008 authorial jewelry exhibition „Infinity“ dediticated to St. Eligius Day. Vilnius Academy of Art jewelry gallery „ARgenTum“.
  • 2007 „We are women“. Vilnius Academy of Art jewelry gallery „ARgenTum“. Vilnius
  • 2014 Amber Trip 2014. Gallery „ARgenTum“, Vilnius
  • 2013 Lithuanian authorial jewelry exhibition „Užutrakis“ manor 2013. „Užutrakis“ manor palace. Trakai
  • 2012 a small plastic exhibition „Relict“.  Artists Union Gallery. Vokiečių st. 2, Vilnius
  • 2011 „Inspiracje Garbatka-Letnisko“ exhibition. Garbatka-Letnisko. Poland
  • 2011 an exhibition of studio work in singing poetry festival in „old town’s grasshopper“. Kaunas
  • 2011 an exhibition of master’s degree’s final works. Kaunas Faculty of Fine Arts. Kaunas


  • 2009 International jewellery exhibition – contest „For You“. „AMBER TRIP“ – VI International Baltic jewellery show. Vilnius

Creative workshop

  • 2011 painting and sculpture symposium – a creative workshop „Inspiracje Garbatka-Letnisko“. Garbatka – Letnisko, Poland.


  • 2009 Introduced artwork during students artwork days in a fair „Youth art invasion“. Vilnius
  • 2008 Students works fair. VDA exhibition hall. Telšiai


  • 2009 Introduced artwork in „XIII Vilnius Auction“, Vilnius


  • In 2011 I have gained a master’s degree in sculpture, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Art Faculty
  • In 2009 I have gained a bachelor’sdegree injewelry, Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Telsiai Faculty of Fine Arts


  • 2014 member of Lithuanian Artists Union